Responsibility and authority of the unions


Article 30 – Responsibility and authority shall be:


(A) To offer the city guild the preparation, adjustment or modification of the criteria for issuing business licenses as well any other licenses necessary for jobs.


(B) The implementation of the directives of the Supreme Supervisory Board and the Supervisory Commission notified to the unions in the framework of this law.


Note – The city guild is obliged to notify the unions of the approvals and directives of the supervisory board and the supervisory commission within five days from the date of receipt. Upon expiration of this deadline, the Secretariat of the Supreme Supervisory Board and the Supervisory Commission may directly convey their approvals and directives to the unions for implementation.


(C) Recommend guilds affairs to them


(D) Issue of the license by obtaining the application and documents of the applicants in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations.


(E) Revocation of the license and closure of the in accordance with the provisions of this law and its announcement to the Supervisory Comission as well as the prevention of the continuation of the activities of the guild units that are not licensed or their license is canceled.


(F) Setting the next year’s budget and submitting it to the guilds Chamber of for review and approval by the end of January.


(H) Setting up the annual balance sheet and submitting it to the Guilds Chamber for consideration and approval by the end of June each year.


(I) Establishing facilities necessary for the training of the guild members independently or with the assistance of governmental or non-governmental organizations.


(J) Establishment of commissions for dealing with complaints, resolving disputes, inspecting technical units, technical and educational committees and other committees approved by the Supreme Supervisory Board.


Note 1 – The members of the commissions are from three to five who are appointed from among the members with license through the proposal of the union and approved by the relevant Chamber of Commerce.


Note 2 – The executive regulation of this section shall be provided by the Secretariat of the Supreme Supervisory Comission and the Guild Chamber of the Provincial Centers and then approved by the Minister of Industry, mine and Trade.


Note 3 – In the event of a disagreement between the members of guilds and the union, the issue shall be referred to the guild chamber for consideration and issuance of the ballot. The protesting party may order the protest to the Inspection Commission within twenty days. The commission will consider the definitive and enforceable supervision. In the event of any objection, the parties may refer to the competent judicial authorities.


(K) Collection of taxes, fees and charges on behalf of ministries, municipalities and government agencies.


(L) Coordinating with the municipality and city council in order to create business towns and gradual concentrating commodities and transactions in squares and city centers in accordance with the city’s requirements in accordance with the rules and regulations that are approved by the Supervisory Commission.


(M) To submit a proposal for the determination of the rate of goods and services, the guilds boundaries, the number of guild units required per year to issue a license to the guild chamber for consideration and approval by the Supervisory Commission.


(N) Other issues that are foreseen in this law.


Note – In the departments and towns of the city, which, according to the announcements of unions and the appointment of the Supreme Supervisory Commission, is not possible to provide guild services through the Union. Government departments, municipalities, and affiliated organizations are authorized to carry out these services.