Commission for Complaints and Dispute Settlement

Duties and authorities:


Article 5 – The task of the Commission is Investigation of Complaints, the consideration of complaints by buyers and consumers and the report of inspectors and observers of Article 52 of the Law, which shall be referred to the Commission through the Union.


Article 6- Procedure of consideration in the complaints commission:


  1. All persons can file a complaint or report on guild offenses to the relevant union. The union is required to refer the matter to the Commission within two working days.


  1. The Complaints Commission is required to process complaints within one week in the presence of the plaintiff and the complainant, and make a statement to the union within a week for legal action.


  1. The union is required to process a complaint within three days and review the opinion of the commission, and, if no guilty guild is found, or the applicant cancels the case, closes the case with notice. If the plaintiff does not agree, the Secretariat unit – under observation of guilds chamber – will send the case to the Suspending Organization of Iran or its subsidiary offices in the city.


Dispute Settlement Commission


Article 7: Tasks of the Dispute Settlemene Commission are the consideration of guild members’ disputes and make peace and reconciliation between them, which are referred to the Commission through the Union.


Article 8- Dispute Settlement Consideration in Complaint Commission:


  1. Complaints of guild members must be registered at the union office and be in the consideration line, the commission is obliged to consider a complaint within a week and submit its opinion to the union for legal action.


  1. In each case, the members of the commission, after considering the issue and hearing the views of the parties and reviewing the documents provided, will announce their views and will issue an opinion if the agreement is not reached between the parties.


  1. If during the considering a complaint, any violations would be found, the case will be dealt with in the manner prescribed by the law and regulations of the guild system.


Note – If a member of the National Union objects to the Union Chamber of Iran, he may, within twenty days after the date of notification, reflect the appeal to the Secretariat of the Supreme Supervisory Board. The secretariat is required to consider it according to the rules.


1 Chairman Seyed Kia Asfia 09141161398
2 Vice Chairman Ali Ahmadi 0912112221
3 Secretary Pooria Mirmohammadi 09363565956