In December 2012, the city of Pardis consisted of two parts called the Bumahen and Jajrood related to Tehran province. The geographical area of ​​the Pardis city starts from the village of Tellow in Sorkheh Hesar and continues to the end of Bumahen. The city is bordered by the east with Damavand, from the west by Tehran, from the north by the Shemiranat and from the south by Pakdasht.

Consequently, the city was formed independently of the governorate, the administration of the mining and trade industry, guild unions, and so on. They started their activities and started their activities independently from Tehran.

In August 2014, the board of Pardis Chemical and Polymeric Industry Union (current board), under the title – Plastic and Nylon Union of Pardis, was elected by a majority vote of the legal business owners and will continue for four years.

Because of the small number of guild unions of Pardis city (12) than Tehran, the decision of the City Supervisory Commission was to join similar job categories to the existing unions, pursuant to this appointment, categories such as UPVC, medical industry, paint and thinner and … also joined the Plastic and Nylon Union.

In order to respect these parties and prevent future problems, board of directors suggested the Supervisory Commission of City Guilds to change the name to ‘Union of Chemical & Polymeric Industry of Pardis City and finally after Supervisory Commission Tehran Guilds agreement, the name has been changed to the current one.