Certain Criteria

  1. The guild person in this assignment refers to one who, in accordance with the rules of the guild system, the rules of the issuance of licenses and the observance of these special rules, establishes a suitable business place for one of the categories covered by the union and personally accepts the responsibility “or by a qualified entrant, start working at the site.
  2. Supplies and appliances are customary and in accordance with the Union’s opinion.
  3. Observance of the safety regulations of the work environment and employees is mandatory.

Letter No. 412/93 dated 2015/04/13 of Nylon and Plastic Union regarding the grading of the manufacturing units of relevant guild was determined on the basis of the following criteria. The membership fee for the members of the guilds covered is as follows:

B- If the total score earned by a manufacturing unit would be more than 70 points-GRADE A, between 40 to 70 points – GRADE B and less than 40 points –GRADE C. The annual membership fee was approved: 4/500/000 IRRLS for GRADE-A, 3/500/000 for GRADE-B, and 2/500/000 IRRLS for GRADE-C.